Online Event Registration Software with Social Integration

Online event registration software that integrate with social media are an extremely effective means of increasing event participation. Most participants prefer to go with friends and family anyway, so when you give them an opportunity to share their activities with friends and relatives during the registration process, you allow them to engage in both a naturally-occurring and profitable way. There can be no greater time to prompt participants to share your event. One of the greatest sources of event growth and revenue for any event is by friend and family referral. By making it easier for your participants to refer others, your event will experience an immediate increase in event referrals.

Social Integration

Social Integration Throughout Registration

Stride Events offers participants multiple opportunities to share your event. There is a share button on the first page of registration, and then a follow-up sharing opportunity for event participants on the confirmation page after they have paid. This repetition increases the number of shares on Facebook that your event receives.

Track the Effectiveness of Your Social Integration

Few online event registration companies offer any means of tracking of the shares that have resulted from your registration page. implements software that tracks the effectiveness of your social integration. You are able to record and analyze how many people have shared from the confirmation page, and how many people have shared from the registration page. Even more importantly, our event registration platform allows you to track how many people have clicked from your participants’ shares from Facebook back to your registration page.

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Customize Shares to Facebook from your Event Registration

You have control over the title and the message of the posts from your participants. You can determine the exact message they will be sharing with their friends and family from your event registration page. This enables you to have a consistent marketing message for your event brand. Consistency in marketing is important to help grow your event.

Give Participants What They Want A Great Event

Offer a Discount on Event Registration When Participants Share

With a small discount button enabled, to share on your online event registration page, you will accumulate dramatically more shares than if you don't offer a small incentive. Participants want to go with their friends and family, but sometimes they can be lackadaisical. If you offer a small $2 off discount, or 5% off, you will notice an immediate increase in the number of people sharing from the event registration process. Since our event registration software tracks the number of people clicking from Facebook back to the registration process, you will be able to see just how effective the discount can be in increasing your event participation.

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