Grow Your Event with an Automated Referral Refund Program

Many events have an ambassador program wherein they reward with a free entry participants who help promote their event. Generally speaking, the trouble with these ambassador programs is that it takes a lot of work to track and manage these brand ambassadors to make sure they are actively promoting your event. eliminates this hassle, and has facilitated a method by which you can turn all of your participants into built-in marketers for your event. At your discretion, you can turn on the Referral Program, which will offer up to an entirely FREE entry to your participants when they refer enough friends.

The way this referral system works is you first determine a refund amount you feel comfortable in awarding for each referral your participants acquire for you in each event category of your event. For example, you might give a $5 refund for every 10K entry, and you might give a $10 refund for every half marathon entry your participants refer that completes the event sign-up process.

Automated Ambassador Referral Program

Accountability Without the Hassle

Unlike traditional event ambassador programs, you will not have any of the hassle of tracking what your ambassadors are doing for your event. Our system will automatically assign each participant in your event their own unique registration link that will track everything without you having to lift a finger. Every time someone signs up with their unique link, they will get credit for a referral, and they will be refunded whatever amount you have set for the type of entry they referred to your event. This facilitates the potential involvement of all participants, instead of just a few ambassadors. Also, it’s not an all-or-nothing referral program; if a participant is able to refer just one (or a few) participants to your event, he or she can still get at least some of his or her money refunded. The participants that are really ambitious will be able to get a full refund if they attract enough participants to your event.

Multi-Level Growth for Your Event

As an event director you are constantly looking for new ways to improve your event, and achieve higher participation. The referral program is just the ticket! With the referral program, your participants will easily be able to help you to increase event participation. Their confirmation email will not only have their own unique registration link, but it will also be equipped with social icons to several social media sites, which make it easy for them to immediately begin promoting your event. As your participants refer friends and family, those friends and family members will be able to refer other friends and family as well. This referral program will quickly and dramatically expand the scope and size of your event.