A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol Event Description

A miserly and miserable man, Ebenezer Scrooge greets each Christmas with “Bah! Humbug!” until he is visited one Christmas Eve by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. In Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, the three spirits show Scrooge happy memories from his past, difficult realities from the present and a grim future should he continue his closed-hearted ways. This world-premiere adaptation stays faithful to the text and invites audiences to experience the wonder of the holiday season through all-new scenery, costumes, props, lighting and sound. 



                             Alpine Community Theater (ACT)                                                                                    

                             2021 Christmas Production                                                                                

                             A Christmas Carol                                                                                  

              FINAL CAST LIST                                                                                      

Ebenezer Scrooge-                                                      Chuck Graves                                

Jacob Marley-                                                             Jeff Snyder                                    

Ghost of Christmas Past/Lamplighter-                                                              Emily Johnson                               

Ghost of Christmas Future/Old Hag-                                                                 Mariah Plitt                                    

Ghost of Christmas Present/Sandwichboard Man-                                                                     Eric Smith                                       

Mr. Fezziwig-                                                               Eric Smith                                      

Mrs. Fezziwig-                                                             Emily Shaw                                    

Bob Cratchit-                                                               Drew Graham                               

Mrs. Cratchit-                                                              Jane Smith                                     

Tiny Tim-                                                                      Trayce Kingston                            

Martha Cratchit-                                                                       Hallie Blunck                                  

Belinda Cratchit-                                                                       Lila York                                          

Peter Cratchit-                                                            Liam Tanner                                  

Lucy Cratchit-                                                              Britta Beck                                     

Jonathon-                                                                    Isaac Haehl                                    

Charity Women-                                           Asia Frampton, Emily Shaw, Krista Johannesmeyer                                                         

Rich Women-                                 Jane Smith, Allyson Jones, Mariah Plitt                                                             

Charwomen/Cooks-                                    Elayne Pearson, Chelsea Tramell, Chloe Byrd                                                                  

Mr. Smythe/Scrooge’s Father-                                                             Edward Goebel                             

Grace Smythe-                                                            Maggie Christensen, Christy Higginson                                        

Mrs. Scrooge-                                                              Asia Frampton                              

Young Scrooge at 12-                                                               Lincoln Young                                

Fan-                                                                Lucy Smith, Zoe Tanner                             

Fred Anderson-                                                           Brian Hansen                                

Sally Anderson-                                                          Krista Johannesmeyer                               

Anderson Children-                                                                  Jackson Young, Nora Hansen                                 

Young Ebenezer/Fishmonger-                                                              Jordan Millet                                

Young Marley/Undertaker-                                                                  Edward Goebel                             

Emily-                                                             Allyson Jones                                

Beadle/Judge/Creditor/Drunk-                                                            Haiden Hansen                            

Jailer/Mr. Hawkins-                                                                  Adam Thomas                               

Poulterer/Jailer/Creditor/Drunk-                                                                       Heith Hansen                                

Factory Boys-                                 Bodie Gardner, Liam Tanner, Isaac Haehl, Spencer Beck, Noah Hansen                                                                

Mrs. Mops-                                                                  Elayne Pearson                             

Old Jo-                                                            Chelsea Tramell                            

Granny Chuzzelwit-                                                                  Mariah Plitt                                    

Granny Pickwick-                                                                      Elayne Pearson                            


Abundance & Charity                                                                                                        

Christmas Goodies:                                     Christmas Elves:                                          Tappers:                          

Anderson, McKinley                                    Arnson, Michelle                                         Frampton, Asia               

Beck, Britta                                     Beautler, Abigail                                          Glen, Antoinette                           

Beck, Spencer                                Christensen, Maddie                                  Johnson, Emily               

Blunck, Hallie                                 Dempsey, Michael                                      Jones, Allyson                 

Dempsey, Gabriel                                        Goodrich, Kurtis                                           Lane, Olivia                     

Ellsworth, Adelaide                                     Goodrich, Sydney                                        Millet, Jordan                 

Gardner, Bodie                              Higginson, Christy                                       Plitt, Mariah                    

Haehl, Isaac                                    Johnson, Hannah                                        Young, Lincoln                

Hansen, Noah                                Kamille, Bement                                                                       

Hansen, Nora                                 Lowry, Lola                                                                 

Schmutz, Evelyn                                           Magnusson, Alicia                         Lights of Long Ago                                      

Schmutz, Millicent                                       Miller, Maddie                 Stars, Place Called Home                                      

Smith, Lucy                                     Millet, Baylee                                 Acolytes:                            

Tanner, Liam                                  Morrey, Emma                               Glenn, Antoinette                       

York, Lila                                          Parson, Jacob                                 Lane, Olivia                  

Young, Jackson                              Rosales, Breanne                                         Miller, Maddie                

                                           Rowe, Chris                                    Nielsen, Lily                     

                                           Tanner, Zoe                                                                

                                           Thomas, Maren                                                         

                                           Young, Lincoln                                                           


              Hear The Bells/Jolly Good Time                                                                                       

              Nothing Reprise                                                                                     

              Carolers:   (Charity Women & Selected Teens)                                                                                          

Beautler, Abigail                                                                                                                 

Frampton, Asia                                                                                                     

Goebel, Jody                                  Nothing Reprise                                                        

Hansen, Haiden                             Caroler Dancers:                                                                      

Hansen, Heith                                Hansen, Haiden                                                        

Harlan, Mia                                     Hansen, Heith                                                           

Johannesmeyer, Krista                               Lane, Olivia                                                                 

Johnson, Emily                               Miller, Maddie                                                          

Jones, Allyson                                                                                                       

Lane, Olivia                                                                                                            

Miller, Maddie                                                                                                      

Millet, Jordan                                                                                                        

Nielsen, Lily                                                                                                           

Parson, Jacob                                                                                                        

Rosales, Breanne                                                                                                                

Shaw, Emily                                                                                                            

Smith, Jane                                                                                                            

Thomas, Adam                                                                                                     


Yesterday, Tomorrow & Today (Stars) Cont…                                                                                                           

Angel Choir:                                   Angel Choir:                                                               

Anderson, McKinley                                    Arnson, Michelle                                                                     

Beck, Britta                                     Beautler, Abigail                                                                      

Beck, Spencer                                Christensen, Maddie                                                               

Blunck, Hallie                                 Dempsey, Michael                                                                   

Dempsey, Gabriel                                        Goodrich, Kurtis                                                                       

Ellsworth, Adelaide                                     Goodrich, Sydney                                                                    

Gardner, Bodie                              Higginson, Christy                                                                    

Haehl, Isaac                                    Johnson, Hannah                                                                     

Hansen, Noah                                Kamille, Bement                                                                       

Hansen, Nora                                 Lowry, Lola                                                                 

Schmutz, Evelyn                                           Magnusson, Alicia                                                                   

Schmutz, Millicent                                       Miller, Maddie                                                           

Smith, Lucy                                     Millet, Baylee                                                            

Tanner, Liam                                  Morrey, Emma                                                          

York, Lila                                          Parson, Jacob                                                            

Young, Jackson                              Rosales, Breanne                                                                     

                                           Rowe, Chris                                                                

                                           Tanner, Zoe                                                                

                                           Thomas, Maren                                                         

                                           Young, Lincoln                                                           


Fezziwigs Christmas Ball                                                                                                    

Fezziwigs Party Guests                                                                                                      

Beautler, Abigail                                          Goebel, Edward                                                         

Goebel, Jody                                  Goodrich, Kurtis                                                                       

Harlan, Mia                                     Hansen, Brian                                                            

Johnson, Hannah                                         Parson, Jacob                                                             

Jones, Allyson                                                                                                       

Morrey, Emma                                                                                                      

Patterson, Maya                                                                                                                 

Pearson, Elayne                                                                                                    

Pusey, Jordyn                                                                                                        

Reniker, Abi                                                                                                           

Rosales, Breanne                                                                                                                

Shaw, Emily                                                                                                           

Smith, Jane                                                                                                            

Thayn, Catie                                                                                                          

Tramell, Chelsea                                                                                                                 


Fezziwigs Specialty Dancers                                                                                                            

MEN                                                 WOMEN                                                       

Graham, Drew                                              Byrd, Chloe                                                  

Hansen, Haiden                                           Frampton, Asia                                           

Hansen, Heith                                               Johannesmeyer, Krista                                             

Millet, Jordan                                               Lane, Olivia                                                  

Smith, Eric                                                     Miller, Maddie                                            

Thomas, Adam                                             Nielsen, Lily                                                 


Link by Link                                                   Dancing on Your Grave                                            

Spirits:                                             Gravediggers/Monks:                                              

Beautler, Abigail                                                         Byrd, Chloe                                                  

Goodrich, Kurtis                                                         Frampton, Asia                                            

Hansen, Haiden                                           Goebel, Edward                                          

Hansen, Heith                                               Goebel, Jody                                               

Harlan, Mia                                                   Graham, Drew                                            

Johnson, Hannah                                                       Hansen, Brian                                              

Magnusson, Alicia                                                      Harlan, Mia                                                  

Miller, Maddie                                             Johannesmeyer, Krista                                             

Millet, Jordan                                               Johnson, Emily                                            

Morrey, Emma                                             Jones, Allyson                                             

Nielsen, Lily                                                   Nielsen, Lily                                                 

Parson, Jacob                                               Pearson, Elayne                                          

Patterson, Maya                                                         Plitt, Mariah                                                 

Reniker, Abi                                                  Pusey, Jordyn                                              

Rosales, Breanne                                                       Shaw, Emily                                                  

Rowe, Chris                                                   Smith, Eric                                                    

Thayn, Catie                                                  Smith, Jane                                                  

Thomas, Adam                                             Tramell, Chelsea                                                        



ENTIRE ENSEMBLE is in the Following Numbers:                                                                                                     

Nothing To Do With Me                                                                                                    

Christmas Together                                                                                                           

Christmas Together-Reprise                                                                                                           

Stars Finale                                                                                                            


Get ready for the A Christmas Carol

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