2020 JOYE Women Empowering Women

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About 2020 JOYE Women Empowering Women

Jurarim Organization for Youth Excellence (JOYE) is empowering women at our 2020 Women Empowerment Conference. This year, we are focusing on personal development and dedicate this conference to inspiring women of all walks of life to become the best and most powerful version of themselves. Our theme: Creating a Life You Love – The Embodied, Empowered, and Engaged Woman, strives to promote the realization and fulfillment of our aspirations and potential as women. JOYE has brought together experts to nourish our bodies, minds, spirits and souls with brilliant gems. We will also learn to navigate financial hurdles and difficult relationships while maintaining our mental and physical health. Come join the sisterhood and leave embodied, empowered and engaged with the world. Come meet the “inner you”, I bet you will thank her. All funds raised will 100% be used to support JOYE programs.

About JOYE Programs

Education—Currently, JOYE provides education assistance, tutoring and other basic necessities to over 400 needy students:

  • Back to school supplies drive – Backpacks and other school supplies
  • Prepaid meals – Gift cards for needy students and their families for purchase of basic necessities such as groceries and school lunches. Also provide meal to students and their families for the holiday season.
  • Other – Boys/Girls hygiene packages and Warm weather clothing for students

Youth Development—At JOYE, we seek to promote overall youth development, not just in schools, but in the community as a whole. We support the following programs:

  • Technology Programs – JOYE Tech program was created to help introduce children to technology that will allow them to use their creativity skills but also provide them with options for carrier development.
  • Leadership mentoring – JOYE believes that youths are our future leaders and to create an environment for strong future leadership requires nurturing at childhood stages of development.

Tutoring – This program was created to assisted students with their school assignment. Also provides an opportunity to stay current and ahead in their grade.

JOYE is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote Youth Excellence by providing a beneficial environment for learning. Please note that all donations made by you or your organization are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your generous support! We look forward to celebrating women with you at our Women empowerment event. You can learn more about JOYE at www.giftofjoye.org.

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