$11,947 Raised for 2020 JOYE Annual Education Gala

Charity Goal: $50,000
Money Raised: $11,947

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About 2020 JOYE Annual Education Gala

There is one common thing every culture across the globe understands: education is the backbone of a successful society.  Every human being should have the right, privilege, and opportunity to get the best education possible. Unfortunately, this is often not a reality for many underprivileged children here in the US and in certain parts of our world. Changing the social infrastructure is an enormous endeavor requiring financial resources. In just a few short years, we already have made inroads by sponsoring over 500 students in over 35 communities with education and participated on community outreach work benefiting over 3,000 families.  But we need your continued commitment and help to accomplish our goals of increasing education assistance program, after school tutoring programs, and community outreach work. Here in Collin County we impact the lives of over 150 children by providing education assistance, tutoring and mentoring, prepaid meal plans, hygiene products and clothing.

I would like to invite you to donate to our Gala fundraiser which directly provides education assistance for needy students locally in Collin County and scholarships for deserving students in Gambia and Kenya, Africa. This important event will be held on Saturday November 14th, 2020 at the Sheraton McKinney, Texas (including virtual feed), featuring live entertainment, cultural event, guest speaker and an auction.  The annual gala is our signature event and our biggest fundraiser where we bring together all our current and new donors and supporters to share our work and their impact. It attracts diverse group of people from the Dallas metro area and other states, and this year we are going global with our virtual feed. Our goal this year is to raise $50,000, which with donations from partners like you, will help support for our education program benefiting more than 500 children, and contribute to our leadership academy building project.

JOYE is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote Youth Excellence by providing a beneficial environment for learning. Please note all donations made by you or your organization are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your generous support! We look forward to celebrating with you at our Gala live or virtual.


The JOYE Gala Fundraiser Committee

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JOYEful Raised: $9,840 of $10000.00
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Alphy Jurarim $250.00
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Alphy Jurarim $10093.86
Dr. Ragan Brown $440.17
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- Anonymous

“In memory of Jay Rumbelow”

- Marcy D Cox

“Children are our future. E.C”

- Anonymous

“In honor of Alphy's upcoming birthday, I give to JOYE.”

- Anonymous

“To all my brothers and sisters striving to get ahead in life. ”

- Anonymous

“Sorry I can’t make it to the gala. I’m out of town ”

- Anonymous

“Thanks for all you do Alphy and team. JOYE!!!”

- Pa modou senghor

“Just for the students —Aji Joof”

- Isatou Jawara

“In memory of my my father Ebrahim.”

- Anonymous

“Tribute to Alan, Taryn and Landry Cox”

- Terry Cox